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Workshop - Internet Security Resources

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New Mexico Attorney General's Office - Internet Safety


James Ferreira – Chief Information Officer, Office of NM Attorney General







Child Predator News



Cyber Tipline




Issues:  Questions and Comments (Contributions to this section are welcome!)


NMAG office will do presentations for individual schools, on school's request (need 50 people).

They will do a day, several classes separately.


FCC and the open internet:  they don't have the jurisdiction to monitor what's being blocked by ISPs.   There is a bill that will give the FCC more control over broadband internet. 


What are teachers' and schools' legal obligations if they use internet sites like wikis, blogs, that require student input? What are guidelines and bans?


There need to be some statements from state level about policy of technology use in schools.  Should be incorporated into school code of conduct.


Some school districts will not allow students to use wikis and blogs, even though the law states that it's not the district that would be liable for inappropriate conduct.  Publicity and political fallout from problems are also major considerations.


Suggestion:  if there's a classroom wiki or website, keep it private, with controlled accounts.  Anything public should not have names or pictures associated with it, and teacher should be able to change passwords and delete/modify inappropriate content.


Is there any information about how to protect teens from financial scamming, identify theft?  NMAG website has materials directed at senior citizens, which could be adapted to teens.


Albuquerque uses Google Apps for Education - how is it working for them?  What is involved in setting it up for a school district?


Children don't understand that they are getting their information put out on the internet when a friend creates accounts for them for online games.


Spyware and adware is rapidly increasing.


Cyberbullying:  schools are responsible for containing the bullying that goes on on their site.  Are they responsible for texting, facebook bullying, etc.?   Reports to Cyber Tipline gets NMAG and local police involved.









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