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Workshop Pictures

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"Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time." - Chinese Proverb

"Prepare us for our future, and not your past."  - Lyrics from "I Want  My Teachers to Learn"




Workshop Facilitator Chris Carson (Espanola Public Schools)


Not shown:  Promethean presentation (with apologies, no pictures)






Carol Furchner, Workshop Co-Facilitator (UNM-LA) discussing several free online technologies,
displayed on Promethean Interactive White Board donated by Promethean.


James Ferreira, CIO, NM Attorney General's Office, discussing Internet Security


Bill Gilson, Computer Services Manager (UNM-LA), discussing classroom capture

technologies and demonstrating Mediasite.



Nina Quintana, Shawn Gallegos, Katie Lake, John Cobos (Bernalillo High School)



John Cobos and Dave Renteriea (Bernalillo HS), and presenter Dave Dworsky (CIM)



Bill Gilson (UNM-LA)


Pamela Gallegos (Espanola), Julia Agnew Bell (Los Alamos Middle School),
Hari Khalsa (Pojoaque Valley High School)




Foreground:  John Pawlak and Ken Holmes (Los Alamos High School),
Rear:  Nina Quintana and Shawn Gallegos (Bernalillo High School)


Julia Agnew Bell (LAMS) and Hari Khalsa (PVHS)


Bernalillo teachers using interactive capabilities of the Promethean system


Katie Lake presenting the Bernalillo team's lesson plan using the Promethean system


Pamela Gallegos (EPS) presenting her lesson plan using PBWorks, Glogster, and other software.


Hari Khalsa (PVHS) presenting her lesson plan using Mobi interactive tablet, PBWorks, Glogster, and more.


Julia Agnew Bell presenting her lesson plan using Mobi interactive tablet, PBWorks, Glogster, Ultra Flip Digital Cameras, and more (no photo).


John Pawlak (LAHS) presenting his lesson plan using Mobi interactive tablet and CPSPulse clickers, Java online math applets, and more.


Ken Holmes (LAHS Librarian) presenting his plan for using Diigo shared bookmarks and PBWorks for supporting teachers and students in library research.








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